Derailing the war

Feminist Anti-war Resistance (FAS)
June 29, 2022

Day of Partisans and Underground Guerrillas Russian railway anti-war partisans from the movement "Stop the railcars" stopped yesterday the Trans-Siberian railway, the main artery for freight traffic, for several days at least, by derailing 14 wagons of a goods train. The guerrillas are acting in such a way that no one is harmed, but that at the same time traffic and freight deliveries, including military supplies, are disrupted. The economic damage from such actions is enormous, and it is always a clear message to state and government structures, which have no time to invent new reasons every week for why military registration and enlistment offices are burning, railways are broken and warehouses are on fire. The Russian Federation has a huge partisan underground history. When your state becomes a terrorist, its citizens become direct action activists, risking their lives and health. Happy holiday, may every day now be an anti-war guerrilla day!