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Russia: Free Azat Miftakhov

Federico Fuentes

Russian court rejects appeal to free Ukrainian human rights activist Maksym Butkevych

Federico Fuentes

Solidarity needed for Russian anti-war socialist Boris Kagarlitsky

Federico Fuentes

Russia: Wagner armed rebellion an inflection point in Putin’s war

Israel Dutra Federico Fuentes

Russian socialist Ilya Matveev: ‘Prigozhin’s coup attempt has exposed Putin’s vulnerability’

Ilya Matveev Federico Fuentes

A Russian leftist deciphers Prigozhin’s failed armed rebellion

Federico Fuentes Alexandr Zamyatin

Ukraine, Lula's peace plan and the global fight against the extreme right: An interview with Brazilian socialist Israel Dutra (MES/PSOL)

Israel Dutra Federico Fuentes

Tobias Drevland Lund (Red Party, Norway): ‘We need a Nordic Defence Alliance that can stake out a third position between Russia and the US’

Tobias Drevland Lund Federico Fuentes

Yuliya Yurchenko: From Ukraine’s independence to Russia’s invasion

Federico Fuentes Yuliya Yurchenko

Christian Zeller: ‘Ukrainian resistance has forced Germany to reconfigure its position towards Russia’

Christian Zeller Federico Fuentes

Howie Hawkins (Ukraine Solidarity Network US): ‘ The anti-imperialist position is to support the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people’

Howie Hawkins Federico Fuentes

Russian Socialist Movement: War and resistance under Putin

Kirill Medvedev Federico Fuentes

Razem: Building a left alternative in Poland

Federico Fuentes Zofia Malisz

Ukraine: 'We want genuine peace negotiations, not another “ceasefire” until the next invasion'

Federico Fuentes

‘People in liberated Kherson are greeting Ukrainian soldiers in Russian’: Hanna Perekhoda on Ukrainian identity, language and Donbas

Hanna Perekhoda Federico Fuentes

Ukraine: Peace in Donbas 'requires the complete withdrawal of Russian armed forces'

Federico Fuentes Hanna Perekhoda

To help win peace, anti-war activists should support military aid for Ukraine

Federico Fuentes

War, gas price protests and solidarity with Ukraine — An ecosocialist perspective

Federico Fuentes Christian Zeller

‘The war has revolutionised politics in Ukraine’

Federico Fuentes Vladyslav Starodubtsev

Ukrainian environmentalist: ‘To stop the war, start moving away from fossil fuels’

Federico Fuentes Mykhailo Amosov

Enguerran Carrier: ‘In Ukraine, as in Rojava, we have a defensive war provoked by the other side’

Federico Fuentes Enguerran Carrier

Ukraine: Under the cover of Putin’s war, Zelensky tears up workers’ rights

Federico Fuentes

Russian anti-war socialist: ‘Putin cannot tolerate an independent Ukraine’

Federico Fuentes Ilya Matveev

Russian socialist Ilya Matveev: ‘Putin’s war on Ukraine is not about security, it is about imperialist interests’

Ilya Matveev Federico Fuentes

Free Maksym Butkevych: Russian troops capture Ukrainian anti-fascist activist

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