ES Two demonstrations in Barcelona


Alfons Bech

February 24, 2023

In Barcelona two events are being prepared.

The first is a demonstration on 24 by Ukranian comunity with some others solidarity groups (including XESU, the Catalonia committee of ENSU) and with the support of Barcelona’s city major.

The other event is a concentration in front of the Catalan government building by a commitee of NGOs and anti-Natoists called “Catalonia for peace.”

XESU/ENSU supports the demonstration on the 24th, and are in touch with the Ukrainian community to see what else can be done. XESU supporters may also attend the other ‘peace’ event, but insisting there on Ukraine solidarity, and the withdrawal of Russian troops as a precondition for lasting peace.

Catalan left groups that support ENSU include International Struggle (LI) and L'Aurora.