With The Resistence Of The Ukrainian People For Its Victory Against The Agression

As in the days of the Vietnamese people's liberation struggle, we have always been on the side of the oppressed and aggressed peoples, whether by the United States (and its NATO allies) or by the USSR (and its Warsaw Pact allies).

We are aware that, across the various oceans and continents, the struggle for national and social liberation of peoples is unique and global.

We have never accepted, and we will never accept, that any power, or any military bloc, can prevent a people from deciding its own future, in opposition to the right of peoples to their national self-determination.

For these reasons, we stand with the Resistance of the Ukrainian people against the aggression of Russian imperialism and its attempt to rebuild the Tsarist and then Soviet Empire.

As with other national liberation struggles, our solidarity with the people of Ukraine is unconditional and independent of any judgment on their political leadership, because it is solely up to Ukraine and Ukrainians to decide the future of their country.

It is also incumbent upon the people of Ukraine to decide to continue the war for national independence and to specify the terms of peace with the aggressor.

The effective Ukrainian Resistance in the face of the invasion of the Russian superpower undoubtedly demonstrates the strength of the moral factor and the will of the people, refuting the almost racist theories that make Ukrainians a mere toy in the hands of NATO. In this sense we can on the contrary say that the Ukrainian people have already won morally and politically. The military victory, which we obviously support, will be more difficult to achieve.

The war wanted by Putin's semi-dictatorial regime:

  • Is an aggression against the lives of Ukrainian citizens and against the independence of the Ukrainian people;
  • Is an aggression against Russian citizen-soldiers of all nationalities, sent to the slaughterhouse and to crush Ukrainians, for the sole purpose of strengthening the Russian domestic political regime and capitalism;
  • Is a threat of imperialism and Great Russian nationalism to all post-Soviet republics;
  • Is an incentive to other imperial powers to carry out military interventions in the world;
  • It has already had the effect of strengthening and expanding NATO, and of multiplying the military expenditures;
  • Is an incentive for the proliferation of nuclear weapons, while Ukraine had voluntarily ceded to Russia the strategic and tactical nuclear warheads, as well as the carriers, which made it the third largest nuclear power in the world. In exchange, in 1994, Russia pledged to respect Ukraine's integrity and sovereignty. It is the first State in the world (after South Africa) to have achieved nuclear disarmament unilaterally.

When the semi-dictatorial Russian nationalist regime, which supports many organizations of the European right, suggests that it wants to "denazify" Ukraine, it is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust, to anti-fascism, and also to the sacrifices of the Soviet peoples in the war against the Third Reich.

It cannot be said that this war is a war between imperialisms, because Ukraine is not an imperialist country, but is on the contrary penetrated by Russian and Western capital.

Peace cannot be understood as an agreement between imperialist powers that would divide spheres of influence to the detriment of the peoples.

We cannot simply say "stop the war!", but we must fight for the withdrawal of the invading troops or for their military rout.

The people of Ukraine cannot be told "resist!" without recognizing their right to obtain the appropriate weapons for their self-defense, where and how they can.

There can be no equidistance between the Resistance of a people and the aggressor.

For this we demand the maximum solidarity, moral and material, with the Resistance of the Ukrainian people against Putin's imperialist invasion. We call for solidarity with those in Russia who oppose the war by risking many years in prison and with those Russian soldiers who refuse to continue fighting their Ukrainian brothers.

In addition to local initiatives of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, we propose that a World Day of Solidarity with the Ukrainian Resistance be promulgated, as happened for the liberation struggle of Vietnam and against the imperialist aggression of Iraq.

On the basis of our Declaration, we join the initiative of the European Network in Solidarity with Ukraine (ENSU) (https://ukraine-solidarity.eu)

To sign this petition, please write to erre.emme@enjoy.it