GR Athens: Ukraine, one year of war. The people under the boot of the Russian invasion



February 20, 2023

Ukraine, one year of war. «The people under the boot of the Russian invasion»

(20-26/02) International week of actions for the one year of war — solidarity in Ukraine & against the Russian invasion February 24 marks one year since the total invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army. A year of bloodshed that continues to shock us all. We consider it crucial today to give a public space to the very people who have been at the centre of the war from the very first days, to give us a direct report on what is happening, breaking the chain of various false news stories that find the space to be reproduced. 4 different online projects are joining forces to organize this event, talking directly to the people from below!

Refugees will join us and discuss with us:

Yuliia Leites (Ukraine, feminist resistance)

Artem Prolubnikov (Russia, «Black Berativa»)

MONDAY 20 February, at 19:00

ARMAZI Cultural Centre, 60 Epirus and Akakion (entrance from the pedestrian street), 2nd floor

Yuliia Leites is a psychoanalyst-psychotherapist. As a therapist she works with both Ukrainians (NGOs, soldiers) and Russians (of the anti-war and active resistance to the authoritarian regime in their country). Yulia will focus on some key points of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She will talk about the daily resistance of the Ukrainian people, the widespread mutual aid and self-organization of the population that is taking place, and the prospects for Russian feminist anti-war resistance.

Artem Prolubnikov is one of the founders of the Black Cooperative – one of the pioneering cafes in Moscow that was set up as a self-managed, workers’ enterprise. He has been an active activist since 2011 in Russia, mainly in organizing work with oppressed social group, such as drug-addicted teenagers and homeless people, as well as in the field of civil rights. He will talk to us about the current political situation in Russia and the resistance of ordinary people – fugitives, persecuted protesters and dissidents.〉 An open discussion will follow.〉 The event will be broadcast LIVE on omniatv channel:〉 The presentations will be in English with translation into Greek.

Thanks to the greek-georgian cultural center «Armazi» for the kind permission to use the spaceCO-ORDINATION

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